Monday 28 March 2011

Lrrr Plushie

This is the last commissioned plushie I made before heading off to Denmark.

I don't usually make copyrighted cartoon characters but I made this for someone who actually works on Futurama. Anyway I decided to make Lrrr since he doesn't get as much love as Bender (who is also great).

This was made with a green wool fabric and felt. I am not currently taking commissions for plushies.


  1. I prefer Morbo Louise but lovely work yet again. Hope you are enjoying yourself over in Daneland.

  2. This guy is super cute! I love the green wool and details on his arms! Thanks for sharing!

  3. thanks guys!
    fran - i actually had a choice of bender, lrrr and morbo, but I felt Lrrr would make the best plushie