Monday 7 July 2008

wee owls

This is a collection of small little owls. Their made from a wool blanket and felt that I hand-dyed.

They are roughly 4x4x2 inches and is nice for the squeezing. The wings are embroidered.

Now available in my shop: happy-plush-plush!

Hand dyed felt & wool and polyfill.


  1. Hi Louise. Whoever got the phants got themselves a real bargain there... think your work was sold far too short! But as you say, all for a good cause. Sorry to have not visited your blogs in a while but there really is some exquisite work to be found. Perfectly realised illustrations as always and your plush work is glorious!!! I love the owls, a terrific set, like wise building blocks :) Keep up the excellect work!

  2. Hi again Louise. I hope you'll accept my nomination as one of my "Brillante Weblog Premio-2008" blogs. Pop over to my blog and claim your richly deserved prize...and no, this isn't a time share offer or get rich quick scheme, just a bit of web blog Karma. Sorry if chain letters aren't your thing, just thought it a nice gesture to pass along:)